Fear Of Living

Posted on September 22, 2013

Have you ever considered what makes you wake up every morning? What gives you the strength to go on? You say you do. That you are perfectly certain of it. You have seen Steve J talk about passion and doing things you love. Living in the comfort of your home you think that you have everything to revolutionise the world. There is nothing to stop you. Your vision is clear and undoubtedly you will succeed.

Somehow nothing happens. You cannot progress. This brilliant idea you had and the life you have created gets you nowhere… Fact is you have lied to yourself. Despite the fact that in the beginning, when you made your resolutions, you had been honest, the motivation disappeared.

There is one ingredient that you miss. A piece so crucial yet so obvious that no one ever mentions it. You know how your life might turn out. You have an idea. You even have more than one idea of it. With open mind you can conceive whole universe of possibilities. On top of your ideas there are books, magazines, television shows and Internet. All of this gives you mind boggling variety of things to do with your life.

Your passion is still there but suppressed. What keeps it invisible is You. You are afraid to commit because in your mind this is final. No diversion possible after this moment. Afraid of stepping over the edge you sit in your comfort zone with your dream within your arms reach yet not quite in your grasp.

You have to realise that for any possibility you decide to pursue you forfeit infinite number of others. You might miss a way to cure cancer, invent interstellar travel, change course of your country’s history but… but the thing you commit to is no worse than any other until it is fully explored. Judging purely by initial consequences of a choice does not do justice to it. Any of your actions might cause chain of events that is nearly impossible to predict. Deciding to do the thing you care so deeply about might in fact yield some of those results that you are afraid to miss.

Life creates multitude of opportunities. Whenever one door closes another are opened. The wide variety of ideas should be something you thrive on allowing you to expand your horizons. By trying not to miss anything you might miss all of it. Do not be afraid to commit to an idea. Do not be afraid to live.