Why Do I Blog

Posted on September 23, 2013

I thought I would never write a blog. In fact I was so obsessed with an idea of self worth that I assumed blogging to be a lower form of action. I always assumed my thoughts were unpopular and people to ignorant to be given chance to appreciate them.

Much hasn’t changed since that time. What had changed is my approach to my thoughts. I have realised that no matter how unpopular my way of thinking was, some might still find it appealing. I would guess there will be very few of you. What is more important, is that I found writing to be a great way to organise thoughts. Moreover, it is a great way of keeping track of many ideas that I have. Hence, primary purpose of my writing is to organise my way of thinking and make it more rigorous.

By chance just we are living in a time when sharing your thoughts publicly on something called Internet is a popular thing to do. Since there is a lot more people with access to the internet than I might hope to know. I simply make a bet that there will be at least one other person, apart from me, who will find value in my writing.

I have always listened and rarely spoke. I had always given much thought to my actions and behaviour. I have learned that up to a point when your environment provides a discussion opportunity on valuable topics you will be fine. Problems start when your thoughts have wandered in the direction no one else wants to go. Only conceivable course of action then is to initiate discussion yourself. But how do you find an audience?

There is also a second side to this blog. I am currently a Computer Science student so you can expect some technical posts here as well. I have not decided on their form yet. One thing that I would like to avoid are short meaningless posts which are a transcripts of “Getting Started” guides for various projects. If I will post something technical it will be rather involved and, hopefully with some additional insight.

This is just an introduction. There are more posts coming. As I begin to explore depths of my long forgotten knowledge I hope to write about some non obvious things as well as things so obvious that you never had thought about them. I will definitely challenge status quo. Will I give answers? Many will think not, but it is up to you to decide.

There are many things that I would want to talk about here. There are probably even more things that I don’t know that I want to speak about. As I begin to thread through uncharted territory of myself I hope to make discoveries that will benefit not only me. So lose your preconceptions about life and society and enjoy all of it taken apart and scrutinised, piece by piece.